Proposing a Club

Thanks for your interest in starting a Booster club.


The Lake Washington High School (LWHS) Booster Club is a tax-exempt organization as defined by IRS Sec 501(c) 3 and is open to all LWHS student teams and groups that meet the qualifications as defined in the LWHS Booster Club Bylaws.

Benefits of 501(c)3 Status

  • Broader base of fundraising opportunities.
  • Corporate matching of employee donations in funds and in volunteer hours.
  • Payroll withholding contributions.

Club Requirements

To be accepted as an active LWHS Booster Club, an organization must:
  1. Have a booster purpose consistent with the LWHS Booster Club’s mission.
  2. Have two officers, a president and a secretary, who are separate individuals.  Both of whom are registered on this site. 
  3. Have an adviser - a sponsoring coach, teacher, director, etc. - also registered on this site. 
  4. Receive approval by a majority of the LWHS Booster Club’s Board of Directors.
  5. Have two officers attend the required Good Practices Training.
  6. Maintain a dedicated checking account.  (Within 30 days of your booster club approval).
  7. Detailed steps for starting a booster club.

Application Process

Before you can begin your online application, you will need:

  1. All board members and the adviser identified above registered on the site.  Not registered?
  2. A separate booster bank account (within 30 days of booster club approval.)
  3. Read the bylaws to understand your commitments.
  4. Begin the online application