This section contains all the information you need about boosters.

How Do I Propose a Club?

If you have a question contact the Executive Secretary.


These active clubs have been approved by the Booster Executive Board and at least two club board members have been trained in the LWHS Booster "Best Practices Training".

These active clubs are full participants and may raise and spend money under the LWHS Booster non-profit umbrella.

Club Name Attendance LWHS Activity
Band 0% Band
Boy's Golf 60% Boy's Golf
Badminton 100% Badminton
Boy's Baseball 0% Boy's Baseball
Boy's Basketball 0% Boy's Basketball
Softball 80% Softball
Football 100% Football
Volleyball 100% Volleyball
wrestling 80% Wrestling
Girl's Golf 100% Girl's Golf
Girl's Basketball 80% Girl's Basketball
Cross Country / Track and Field 100% Cross Country / Track and Field
Girls Soccer 80% Girls Soccer
Choir 80% Choir
Drama 0% Drama
Lake Washington High School Robotics Booster Club 100% Lake Washington High School Robotics
LWHS Dance Team Booster Club 0% Dance Team