Best Practices Training

What is LWHS Boosters Best Practices Training?


LWHS Boosters is an IRS non-profit with all the associated benefits.  However, to maintain our IRS status, there are IRS rules that must be closely followed.  Although the main booster club is the only club that files with the IRS, to ensure we maintain our non-profit status, all clubs are required to manage their practices as to comply with the IRS rules. 


To help clubs comply with IRS rules and ensure we maintain our non-profit status, we have created Best Practices training class.  

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Key Points of Best Practices Training 

·          Explains how to comply with non-profit IRS rules.

·        Two members from every booster club must receive the training.

·        If two members not trained, the club may not collect or spend money as a booster.

·        If one trained member leaves, the replacement must be trained at the next class offered.

·        Offered several times each year at LWHS.  See the Events .

·        Training is only offered live – no self-study offered.  The material is detailed and questions are important.